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China Daily | China should push 'toilet revolution': Xi
Source:China Daily Time:2018/5/31 9:05:45

Beijing-- China should continue to upgrade the country's toilets as part of its"toilet revolution" aimed at developing domestic tourism andimproving people's life quality, Chinese President Xi Jinping said.

The construction of clean toilets is animportant part of pushing urban and rural civilization, and more efforts shouldbe made in both cities and rural areas to upgrade toilets, Xi said in a recentinstruction on the achievement of toilet revolution carried out in the tourismsector.

Along with toilet revolution, Chinashould construct better public facilities and services to boost the tourismindustry, Xi said.

Xi has long stressed the importance ofthe toilet revolution in enhancing the quality of the tourism industry.Officials are urged to make consistent efforts and take tailored measures totackle long-standing issues and correct bad habits in tourism.

Local authorities are now more aware ofthe important role toilets play, believing better toilets are not onlybeneficial for tourism, but can also improve the environment that people workand live in, and enhance the overall level of civilization of society.

While visiting rural areas, Xi used toask local residents about the conditions of the toilets they use, and stressedmany times that clean toilets for rural residents are important for thebuilding of a "new countryside."

China launched a toilet revolutionacross the country in 2015 with an aim to make such facilities cleaner and moreregulated.

Toilets in the countryside and attourist sites previously had a bad reputation.

In rural areas, some toilets werelittle more than makeshift shelters surrounded by bunches of cornstalks, andsome were open pits next to pigsties. At tourist sites, visitors were angeredby insufficient toilets, unhygienic conditions and lack of sanitation workers.

By the end of October this year, Chinahad installed or upgraded 68,000 toilets at tourist destinations, 19.3 percentmore than the target number.

The toilet revolution has beenexpanding gradually from tourist sites to cover the whole country, from citiesto rural areas.

The country planned to install orupgrade another 64,000 toilets at tourist destinations from 2018 to 2020,according to an action plan released by the China National TourismAdministration.(Xinhua Updated:2017-11-27 12:55)