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Reinvent The Toilet Challenge China (RTTC-China) is funded and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. University of Science and Technology Beijing team is responsible for the organization and implementation of all the activities for this event. Toilet Technology R&D biddings and Toilet Innovation Concept Contest by university students are included in this event.

Toilet Technology R&D biddings intends to attract exceptionally high-qualified consortia as a network of partners or teams from for-profit and not-for profit organizations, universities as well as top industrial design institutes and prototyping companies that can contribute to the advancement of sanitation research and development. The RTTC-China targets to design, prototype and test entirely stand-alone,self-contained, practical sanitation modules which intake bodily wastes or fecal sludge collected from pit latrines and septic tanks and swiftly dispose of them without any incoming water piping, outgoing sewer piping, or electricor gas utility services. The candidates will be supported by the Foundation todesign, develop, prototype and test their innovations.

The initial idea and pragmatic work of Toilet Innovation Concept Contest by university students is to offer more opportunities to young students and inspire their creativity. There would be chance to make further research together with interested companies/institutes for these ideas which are selected.